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We will provide Work Placement opportunities

Work placement provides an invaluable learning experience with real-life, practical workplace experiences. As a result, students don’t just apply their learned knowledge and skills but also grow in their employability and transferable skills while building relationships and networking within the industry. TrainSmart Australia has partnerships with over 300 host organisations to provide work placement opportunities for students whose courses require workplace assessments. 

These examples of student work placement should be viewed as inspiration only; we cannot guarantee students’ work placement at any particular organisation.

Work Placement Ready Badge

The Gold Badge

What does it mean? 

As part of your learning journey, you will receive a badge for each unit completed. You will receive the gold badge once you have completed ten course units. The gold badge indicates that you are:

  • Ready to start Work Placement
  • Presenting as a suitable candidate to our host organisations
  • Equipped with the foundational skills to work within the sector

Getting Started With Work Placement

Complete 10 Course Units
The moment you complete 10-course units, you are eligible to start work placement.
Receive the Gold Badge
A gold badge will appear on your LearnSmart Dashboard, indicating that you can progress with work placement.
Register and Consult with the Work Placement Team
Ready to get started? Send an email to the WP Team to let them know that you are ready for them to guide you through the work placement process.
Start your Work Placement
You are now ready to get into the industry and apply your learned skills and knowledge while gaining invaluable industry insights and experiences.
Finalise your Work Placement
To finish your work placement units, get your final work hours checked off, and provide feedback from your host organisation.

Take Your Next Step!

Work Placement Registration

For Enrolled Students

Register your work placement readiness by emailing the work placement team, who will guide you through the process and find a suitable work placement.

Feedback Submission Form

For Enrolled Students & Host Organisations

Whether you are a student or a host organisation, providing work placement feedback is essential to graduate. Submit your feedback today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

TrainSmart Australia has a dedicated team to coordinate work placements. We consistently extend our network of host organisations to give students the best industry access to grow in skill and knowledge. Once you are ready to commence your work placement, the team is there to help guide you through the process.

You can start your work placement as soon as you complete ten-course units. A gold badge will appear on your LearnSmart dashboard to indicate when you can commence work placement.

Primarily, work placements are unpaid. However, they are a valuable learning experience where you gain industry experience and learn what it takes to grow into a professional employee. Additionally, the student has opportunities to network and meet people in the industry. Occasionally, students can get paid for a work placement if the host organisation takes students on a casual contract.

When a work placement component is part of your course structure, then it is required for the student to complete the required hours to graduate from
the course.

Yes, doing a work placement at your workplace is an option. However, you would still need to fill out the work placement registration form to let the work placement team know that you are ready for work placement and intend to do it at your workplace. Before you can commence your work placement, the work placement team would need to talk to your supervisor first to ensure it is suitable and meets all work placement requirements.

Student ready to learn

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