Student Reviews

Testimonials and reviews are a great way to find the best training provider for you!

Our students are our number one priority here at TrainSmart Australia! We value their individual stories, their journeys and their time with us! We often reach out to our current and past students to let us know about their time with us, so that we can share these amazing stories with future students!

Read some of our alumni’s thoughts about our courses and their time studying with TrainSmart Australia below!

“I have recently had the pleasure of undertaking and completing the Diploma of Business through TrainSmart Australia. What began as an experiment in studying with a full-time job and three small children turned out to be an incredibly positive, fulfilling and worthwhile endeavour.

I have been studying with TrainSmart Australia for a few years now.

At first I had a couple of Trainers/Assessor, but in the end I had one really great Trainer Assessor. She has been there every step of the way, encouraging me, and organised and arranged weekly meetings with me. She has been there answering my emails almost immediately, and if she doesn’t it is always on the same day.

I am also studying with another online institute, and if they would give their students half the attention that the Trainers at TrainSmart do, I would have finished ages ago.

I would recommend TrainSmart to anyone who wants to study online. You can’t do any better than this fine institute. I love these guys and would study with them again.

I have completed a Diploma of Business Administration through TrainSmart and am currently half way through my Diploma of Business Management course.

I found out about TrainSmart from the internet and received a phone call about the courses I was interested in. I could not rate or recommend TrainSmart enough!

I have studied University online and found that experience absolutely horrible! I had no support what so ever and struggled massively especially when it came to essays.

Since joining up to TrainSmart, the amount of support is amazing! You have a phone call once a week with a trainer who help you understand the assignment and work with you so you can complete it. The trainers are so friendly and you know they are there to help you.

I enjoy the catch up meetings as I feel I am not doing it alone and if I need help I know I am going to receive it. Every time someone is interested in studying or need somewhere to study online I always recommend TrainSmart!

I could not have completed a Diploma and nearly a second one without the help and support I have received from the trainers at TrainSmart. If you are considering studying online I highly recommend TrainSmart you will not be disappointed!

I commenced studies with TrainSmart last year, working towards a Diploma of Mental Health and a Diploma of Counselling.

I have found the study load intensive and inviting. I can’t get enough!
The course units are set at such a high standard that I feel my skills will be very high upon completion.

The trainers are supportive, encouraging and available to render their assistance whenever required. The rest of the TrainSmart admin and ancillary staff are incredibly helpful and I highly recommend anyone wanting to pursue further studies to get in touch with the amazing TrainSmart Staff!

I have been studying with TrainSmart Australia for a few years and now I have completed a Diploma of Business Administration and I had several trainers, all of them are amazing, but Lorraine Schaefer was a great adviser for me, because the time she was my coach, she was always there for me, she was very understanding, she always encouraged and motivated me in every step of the way and even every Monday I received a motivational email from Lorraine, also at that time that she was my trainer, she organised meetings every week with me and answered my emails immediately or made phone calls when I had a question or doubt about the assessment. Thanks TrainSmart to have a trainers like Lorraine Schaefer.

Hello, my name is Masuma and I am studying a Diploma of Mental Health. I am enjoying my study experience which is structured very well thanks to our trainer Matthew Pasquill who is always supportive and understanding. My knowledge and my confidence has increased as a result of Matthew Pasquill’s training expertise! Highly recommend this training organisation and the diploma courses 

I am having an amazing experience studying my Diploma of Youth Work online at TrainSmart. There is a lot of material and help available to do your studies. From the Administrative staff to my trainer Matthew Pasquill, they all are always very quick and efficient whenever I approach them for help. Only if I knew all that last year, I wouldn’t have wasted a year to start my studies online ?

I have undertaken the Advanced Diploma of Business under Stuart Barrett and just about completed it. Stuart has been extremely helpful and flexible when I have fallen behind on my schedule. Course material was easy to navigate and the amount of links to supporting info has made the course really interesting for me. Thanks again to Stuart for his ongoing help to finish and would highly recommend TrainSmart.

My experience at TrainSmart was great!

I had a lovely trainer Lorraine, who took the time to make sure I really understood the content and provided me with the support I needed to finish my course. ? The content in my Diploma of Leadership & Management was challenging, but I learnt so much and have put it to good use in my current role.

TrainSmart is a highly professionally run college with great facilities for anyone who is wanting to train in Beauty!

The modules are all appropriately set out for the highest quality learning outcomes.

I have an amazing trainer Jennifer Mallen who since I commenced my Diploma and being a regional student who travels 4.5 hrs to attend classes , has from day one been very aware of this distance challenge and has accommodated me in every way to ease the amount of travel if possible.

Jen is a trainer who is highly professional in the way she structures us in the class so that she can bring out the best in all of us and ensure that once we have graduated we are not only highly skilled but also highly professional.

I look forward to my class days and being back with the greatest teacher and class of girls that we have