Kevin O’Brien

Health and Community Services Trainer

Kevin's passion for teaching stems from his desire to connect and inspire students while sharing his global perspective in counselling.

Kevin is our Health and Community Services Trainer who specialises in Counselling. With a strong foundation in Counselling, he acquired valuable experience working with remote and rural communities in Western Australia. Furthermore, Kevin has expanded his expertise globally, having worked in East Coast Africa and Indonesia. He has dedicated most of his career to serving non-profit organisations.

Kevin believes that Counselling can be revolutionary for people and has a rich historical tapestry, and with the advancements in neuroscience, the future looks incredibly exciting for the industry. He aims to share his experiences and provide a strong foundation that empowers them with the confidence and skills needed for success in real-world work scenarios. Kevin is interested in exploring and understanding the pedagogical applications that can best support students’ outcomes. Kevin’s personal interests involve science fiction and gardening, while his hobbies include creative arts, role-playing, and writing.

Areas of Interest

  • Trauma
  • Integrated Therapies and Practice
  • Jungian Analytical Thought and Theory
  • Roger’s Interpersonal Process and Psychotherapy
  • The Role and Application of Mythology and Metaphysics in Therapy


  • Bachelor of Ministry
  • Graduate Diploma of Counselling
  • Master of Counselling

Don’t be afraid to ask about what you do not know!

Kevin O’Brien