Bronwen van der Schyff

Health and Community Services Trainer

Bringing over 25 years of diverse experience in psychology, Bronwen is a valued addition to the Health and Community Services faculty. Her extensive expertise significantly enriches the learning journey for students starting their careers in counselling.

With a distinguished background in psychology, Bronwen has substantial experience working in diverse countries and within a broad spectrum of settings. Her professional journey has involved collaborating with a rich tapestry of client groups spanning the entire lifespan. This wealth of experience has not only deepened her understanding of the human psyche but has also instilled a profound appreciation for the nuances and complexities inherent in each individual’s unique life journey within her.

Bronwen considers her career journey a continuous adventure of learning, growth, and the profound honour of contributing to the well-being of people from all walks of life. Teaching brings her immense joy, and she passionately adopts a positive approach that harnesses her students’ strengths. She takes this as an opportunity to impart essential skills to others, enabling them to embrace the honourable role of facilitating growth and healing in this profound profession.

She believes her driving force to teach and mentor stems from a profound passion cultivated in the early years of my career. During this time, she had the privilege of guiding neurocognitive outpatients and students in the disability sector, empowering them to overcome obstacles and realize their personal, career, and purpose-filled life goals.

Bronwen aims to empower students, helping them fulfil their aspirations and unlock their limitless potential. Drawing wisdom from Helen Keller and Viktor Frankl, she encourages her students to perceive opportunities where others see obstacles. She firmly believes that individuals discover the strength to illuminate our paths in the journey of learning, creating a beacon of knowledge and resilience that lights the way forward.

During her leisure time at home, she loves spending time with her beloved pets.

Areas of Interest

  • Neuro cognitive psychology
  • Enhancing the lives of individuals with diverse abilities.
  • Positive psychology



  • Counselling Psychologist (FCCOUNP)
  • Master of Counselling Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)- Psychology


My goal is to always shine my light and play the music I was born with, embracing the unique melody that resonates within me, illuminating my path and inspiring those around me.

Bronwen van der Schyff