Why should you work in Aged Care?

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It all started many years ago as I had moved to a new country to start fresh, leaving home. I was very excited as I landed to embrace my new life overseas, new culture, and new opportunities that life now had opened doors to! It was all great in the beginning but home-sickness kicked in sooner and stronger than I anticipated. Yes, I was missing home, my family, relatives, even my neighbours. My job would allow me socialising but would not fill the void that was getting wider each day.

One day, accidentally and as destiny would have it, I visited a residential facility for elderly, that I would go past walking each day but never noticed. It was a new world for me! I spoke to the Nurse Manager and met with the Director of the Organisation and they showed me around. I got a feeling that there is certainly a strong connection.

I dug deep into it and wanted to be a part of it. I would frequently visit the residential care facility. I realised how attached I was to the place now, and to the residents and how rewarding it was as an experience to be able to spend time with elderly residents, and be able to assist them as and when they needed. Each time, it reminded me of the bond that I had with my grandparents and it gave me immense satisfaction. I then completed my formal training in the industry wholeheartedly!

Why work in Aged Care

Australia is experiencing a demographic change due to ever growing ageing population. With relevant cert 4 in ageing support, you will get skills and knowledge to provide individualised support to elderly people. Aged care involves promoting and respecting resident’s independence, providing healthcare and aged care cleaning services.

This industry offers an amazing opportunity for flexible work hours that might suit your personal and family needs. Australia’s population is ageing, so a career in Aged Care provides many benefits such as job security. With the amount of work that is available in this field, it is beneficial to progress towards and achieve that extra financial targets that you may have time and again. With this qualification under your belt, you have doors open to immediate employment opportunities whether you choose full time or part time.

If you are a passionate, caring, empathetic person who values life and each opportunity given by it – this course is definitely for you! I believe “Hard work often prepares ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny”, and that we make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.

Vidhu Sharma

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