What is information technology networking?

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Networking is a specific branch of information technology (IT) and is one of the fastest-growing areas of IT. It involves the processes of building, using and maintaining computer networks – including hardware, software and protocols – so that multiple computing devices can share data (sources: Technopedia; Lifewire).

Networking can include home or business computer networks, and wired or wireless computer networks. As well as their classification, computer networks can also differ in their design. The 2 basic forms of network design are client/server and peer-to-peer networks.

A client/server network relies on a centralised server that stores things like emails, Web pages, files and applications, and is accessed by client computers or other client devices. In contrast, a peer-to-peer network doesn’t rely on a centralised server – instead, client devices connect and communicate with one another to share information and support the same functions (source: Lifewire).

While client/server networks are much more common among businesses, peer-to-peer networks are more common among homes. And, with networking playing a vital role for most businesses in today’s world, networking roles are in increasingly high demand.

Is networking part of information technology?

Yes – networking is one of the many areas that IT incorporates, and is an integral sub-field of IT (source: Quora).

While IT covers a wide range of areas including software and web development, programming, security, systems analysis, office phone systems, and technical business IT, networking is a specific area of expertise within the IT sector.

So, if you’re looking to work in a role that specifically revolves around networking, then a qualification that’s specific to the IT sub-field of networking is your best option.

Can I study a Diploma of Information Technology Networking online?

Yes – you can.

The great thing about studying for a Diploma of IT Networking is that you can do so while still working in your current job – there’s no need to put your work or other personal commitments on hold to get qualified in a variety of networking roles.

TrainSmart Australia is a quality-assured, VET Student Loan-approved provider of nationally recognised training in Australia. They offer an ICT50418 Diploma of Information Technology Networking that can be studied and completed online and at your own pace.

The course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to manage the installation of networks, maintain network security, and manage e-business integration.

Some of the topics you’ll cover during the course include:

  • Network design and infrastructures
  • The process of network installation
  • Security and e-business integration
  • Enterprise skills


What can I do with my Diploma of Information Technology Networking?

Once you’ve successfully completed your Diploma of IT Networking, you can work in a variety of challenging and dynamic roles, including:

  • Network administrator
  • IT administrator
  • Systems engineer
  • Network operations analyst

And with the prevalence of networking technology among today’s businesses, there’s no shortage of networking roles that you can take up.

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