Top 5 Essential Qualities of a Beauty Therapist

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Choosing to become a beauty therapist can be an engaging and rewarding career.

With an exciting flow of interesting and engaging clientele, modern beauty products and equipment, and a huge range of job opportunities, beauty therapy is a fantastic industry to get into. Beauty salons provide an array of treatments to choose from and a beauty therapist must be confident in providing these services to the best of their ability.
Let’s take a look at some of the essential characteristics for becoming a great beauty therapist.
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Good Time Management

Beauty therapists must maintain a booking schedule throughout the day and manage their time well during each client session. It is essential that a beauty therapist stays calm and composed during delays to avoid rushing through any appointments. 

Professional Manner

It is key for beauty therapists to maintain a professional manner at all times with clients. A therapist must be well presented and efficient as well as attentive towards clients’ needs. Beauty therapists must always use discretion with clients due to the nature of working with face and body treatments. 

Physical Fitness

Due to the physical nature of many beauty treatments, like massage, beauty therapists need to maintain a good level of fitness. This helps improve work performance as well as prevent injury. Being in good physical shape will also provide stamina during the busy holiday season. 

Welcoming Personality

Beauty therapy involves being confident in talking to people from all different backgrounds. It is essential to also be an excellent listener during client sessions. Many clients enjoy talking about their day or a special event that they may be preparing for. It helps to show interest in your clients as they talk and ask questions to continue the conversation. 

Accredited Qualification

Employers and governing bodies in Australia require all beauty therapists to have undertaken professional training before being allowed to perform certain beauty therapies on the public. At TrainSmart Australia, our beauty courses are government accredited. We offer beauty courses that focus on developing the practical skills needed for becoming a great beauty therapist.

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