The hottest new beauty treatments from industry insiders

All the up-and-coming new beauty treatments for 2020

Let’s face it: 2020 has been a strange year so far. Most of the world has been cooped up at home for months, so it might not surprise you to hear that at-home beauty treatments are gaining a following.

What’s more, now that salons and studios are re-opening, we’re starting to see the return of our favourite Beauty Therapy treatments, plus a few new offerings inspired by the convergence of inner and outer beauty.

What does that mean, exactly? To find out, read on for our list of up-and-coming new beauty treatments you can expect to see this year.

Brow lamination

Lamination is the latest brow trend that gives you full, feathery brows for 8 weeks with no needling required. Using a keratin treatment that encourages your brows to fluff up and sit straight, followed by a tint and shape to balance and bolden your brows.

The result is natural-looking thick brows, shaped to suit your face, with a fluffy fullness you are sure to love. No wonder brow lamination is turning heads in the beauty world.

Facial massage

Imagine a skin-tightening, anti-ageing, rejuvenating skin treatment without the need for chemical peels, injections or lasers. Facial massages might not be new, but in 2020 they have taken on a new meaning thanks to innovative techniques designed to achieve firmness and glowing skin.

Some beauty bloggers are even calling it “the best facial of my life”. Facial massages are definitely an up-and-coming beauty trend to watch.

At-home skincare tech

Did you read our blog about the latest innovations in beauty technology? Beauty tech is having a moment in 2020, as more people are seeking salon-quality treatments that respect social distancing guidelines. Here are some of the best innovations:

Infrared sauna sessions

Like LED light therapy for your entire body, interest in infrared saunas has skyrocketed recently. Claiming a long list of benefits like better sleep quality, weight loss, muscle relief, relaxation, and improved circulation, infrared saunas are a new twist on an old relaxation favourite.

It only took 1,000 years, but the sauna has finally modernised, and we are very much on board with the new wave of relaxation technology.

What are your favourite up-and-coming new beauty treatments for 2020? Let us know in the comments below – our Beauty Therapy trainers would love to hear your tips.

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