The confidence to get back out there!

Re-training after a career break

Career breaks are common for a myriad of reasons – you may have put your career on hold to raise a family, or you may have had health or other personal reasons. No matter what, it can be daunting getting back out there and taking steps into the workforce, particularly in our ever-changing, fast-paced world. Why not try something new in 2021, and increase your skill set?

So how do you overcome your fears and get back into the workforce?

One of the best pieces of advice to get you back into the workforce is simply: Re-training. No matter what skills you had before taking a career break, you can always use a refresher. Or perhaps you are at a stage where you want a change and a new direction as you head back to work. Training and education are never a bad thing, particularly with a reputable, accredited organisation that offers flexibility.


TrainSmart Australia is one of Australia’s leading online educational institutions and is proud to have helped many people achieve their goals in re-training and getting back into the workforce. Here are a few pieces of advice that TrainSmart has for people looking to re-train.

Think about what is important to you in your career


For some, this might mean flexibility – both in studying and in working. TrainSmart Australia offers online courses that can be completed in your own time, which is important if you have children to work around. Their courses lead to a variety of roles in industries that can also offer flexibility in working hours. 


Other things that may be important are career growth potential, or the ability to run your own business one day. TrainSmart offers courses in many different industries including Business Management, which means you can re-train to one day be your own boss.

Consider skills you already have


Perhaps you have spent your career in an office, but are worried technology has changed and you won’t be able to keep up. A short course in Business Studies can help. If you have had a career break to look after or care for a family member, you may decide to use these abilities in a career and study a short course in Community Services, and become a qualified support worker. Whatever skills you have, there’s room to expand on them with a short course.

Face your fears!


It is scary to get back out there after a career break, but the most important thing you can do is take the first step. Visit the TrainSmart Australia website and read through their courses on offer. Make an appointment to speak to a career counsellor and get some guidance. Speak to family and friends for extra support and help while you study and re-train. With the newfound confidence in yourself the right course, and knowing that family and friends have got your back, you’ll be on track to get back into the workforce!


Visit the TrainSmart Australia website here.


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