Record of Participation Procedure

Record of Participation

Policy Statement


  1. On arrival at TrainSmart Australia clients are greeted by reception staff and advised to sign the Course Sign-in Sheet for the unit of competency relating to that day of training.
  2. In the training room, the relevant trainer for that day is also responsible for ensuring that every client in attendance has signed the attendance sheet, prior to the start of their training session.
  3. Absenteeism of clients from a session is noted on the attendance sheet.
  4. All Course Sign-in sheets are checked by Administration Staff and electronic data is entered to record client attendance against the relevant unit of competency in the Student Record Management System (Wisenet).  A hard copy of the Course Sign-in sheet is also retained in a hard copy folder according to the course heading.

All Trainers have the authority and responsibility to monitor each client’s attendance during the course and report any concerns to the relevant Faculty Team Leaders/National Training Manager.


Evidence required to support this procedure:

  • Course Sign-in Sheet (for each day of training, retained in hard copy folder)
  • Student Record Management System (Wisenet)

This procedure is approved by the CEO of TrainSmart Australia (RTO: 51771)