Steps in the RPL Application | Recognition of Prior Learning

Steps in the RPL Application


Step 1

Receive and read the RPL kit carefully, making sure you understand the purpose and what is expected.

Step 2

Obtain a copy of the competencies for your particular qualification and review the requirements of each unit. Also refer to the Assessment Guidelines for the Training Package.

Step 3

There are 8 sections to this RPL kit (see below). Familiarise yourself with it, and complete all relevant sections.

Section 1 – Candidate Self Evaluation

The purpose of this section is to enable the candidate to assess their suitability for the RPL process, by asking them to consider each of the points and assessing their ability against the task.

Section 2 – Choose units to be assessed

This section is to enable the candidate to indicate to the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and the assessor the units they would like to have assessed through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process.

Section 3 – Unit – by – Unit Portfolio

In this section, the candidate is asked to compile a portfolio of evidence for each unit RPL is being sought. This section lists the evidence requirements for each unit.

  • Please remember to make clear reference to all supporting documentation and their location in your portfolio. All supporting documentation should be in section 8 of your portfolio and be listed in section 8.2.
  • For a list of the evidence requirements for each unit, please refer to the section 3 of this RPL Kit.
  • We highly recommend that, in addition to this, you refer to the relevant Training Package when compiling your evidence.

Section 4 – Professional History

In this section of your portfolio, please provide an overview of your professional background by:

I. Submitting section 4 with the questions in the boxes answered.

II. Submitting a statement and/or documents, that provide the information requested in section 4. Please make clear references to all supporting documents and place these supporting documents in the supporting documents section of your portfolio.

Section 5 – Question Bank

If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence in certain areas to support your RPL application, the assessor may ask questions to ascertain you knowledge. Please familiarise yourself with the questions in the question bank and be prepared with a response. Further, please note that the questions you could be asked are not limited to the question bank.

Section 6 – Assessment Summary

This section is completed by the assessor. It is where the assessor will record all their findings from the evidence that you have provided.

Section 7 – Verification of acceptance of assessment results

This section is completed by the assessor. However, the candidate is required to sign in this area once the outcome has been presented and explained to the candidate by the assessor. This section also provides the assessor the chance to provide feedback to the candidate.

Section 8 – Supporting documents

In this section you are required to compile and list all supporting documents. Complete the evidence map for supporting documentation, and place all documentation listed in the evidence map preceding the evidence map. You are also required in this section to complete the authenticity declaration, confirming that the supporting documentation you have supplied is your own.

Step 4

Review and evaluate your responses to all sections to determine if you have provided current, valid, authentic, reliable and sufficient evidence to support all the units comprising the qualification.

Step 5

Discuss the completed kit with your manager or a colleague. Decide if you are both satisfied it provides sufficient information to establish competence.

Step 6

Retain a full copy for your own records.

Step 7

Contact a TrainSmart Australia Program Manager on 1300 855 517. Alternatively, complete and submit the form above to arrange an interview between you and the assessor where the RPL assessment would take place.

Step 8

Attend the RPL interview. Bring with you the completed RPL kit and supporting portfolio of evidence. When the application has been assessed, you will be notified of the outcome. If additional information is required the assessor will provide instruction in the notes area of section 7.

Step 9

Assessment completed and feedback provided.