Anti-plagiarism policy

TrainSmart Australia is committed to upholding high standards of integrity and honesty. Plagiarism in any form are unacceptable and will be acted upon appropriately.


Plagiarism: To take the ideas or comments of another person and present them as one’s own without providing the appropriate acknowledgement. This includes material from any source, staff, students or the internet, published and un-published works.


TrainSmart Australia’s staff and students have a shared responsibility to ensure all students gain the necessary understanding to prevent incidents of plagiarism.

It is recommended that students also use a plagiarism detection program to scan their assessments prior to submission and use the approved referencing style of APA for all TrainSmart Australia assessments.

The following scale has been adopted across TrainSmart in cases of plagiarism:

Scale Submission Action
Minor Student submission stands and progresses to trainer/assessor for marking. Faculty head contacts the student and offered support in best practice.
Moderate Student submission stands but trainer/assessor informs the student that questions/areas of concern are to rewritten and resubmitted. Faculty head contacts the student and offered support in best practice.
Major Student submission rejected by trainer/assessor. Trainer/assessor saves submission locally in RTO Drive as evidence and deletes submission in Moodle. Faculty head contacts student to resubmit assessment.

If plagiarism is confirmed for a student and it is determined that the action is moderate or major, the faculty trainer/assessor may decide to scrutinize the submissions for this student more regularly than outlined above.

Other areas of suspected cheating such as during assessment conditions or assisting a cheating process are very subjective and circumstantial and will be addressed on an individual basis using a process similar to the above.

Any decisions in regards to plagiarism and cheating made by the faculty head will be final.

Due to the sensitivity of this issue, TrainSmart Australia will endeavour to decide within five (5) working days of the incident being detected.