Competency Based Training and Assessment

The training and assessment methods used by SMR Learning Service Pty Ltd t/a TrainSmart Australia are based on competency standards. ‘Competency comprises the knowledge, skills and consistent application of that knowledge and skills to the standard of performance required in employment.’

Competency standards (also referred to as national industry/enterprise competency standards) are national standards that set out the work skills and knowledge required for effective performance in the workplace and are defined by industry. Competency standards are an endorsed component of training packages or where no training package exists, as the basis for defining the learning outcomes of an accredited course.

In keeping with the principles and practices of competency-based assessment, the competency will be made on an accumulation of evidence, not on isolated activities or events.

You must provide the evidence to your assessor relating to the unit/module you are applying for RPL to show that you have reached competency.

Once you have been assessed against the standards you will receive a grade of “C” for competent or “NYC” for not yet competent. Not yet competent means that you have not met the requirements and will be given another opportunity for re-assessment.