How to

Step 1:
Meet The Academic Prerequisites

Step 2:
Prepare Your Enrolment Documents

Step 3:
Apply Online

Enrolling online is easy! Follow our three simple steps to begin your enrolment.

Step 1: Meet the Academic Requirements

Prior to being enrolled into a VET course, you must meet the academic prerequisites. 

This is determined by either;

  • Providing an Australian Year 12 Certificate (no more than 20 years old); or
  • Providing a copy of an Australian Certificate qualification that can be verified
    • For entry into a Certificate IV – A Certificate III or higher
    • For entry into a Diploma – A Certificate IV or higher

If you are unable to provide either of these, you will need to complete an Online Reading, Writing and Numeracy test to gain entry into our course.

We offer this online test, free of charge. TrainSmart Australia’s Student Services team can help you prepare and sit this assessment if you don’t have any of the documents above.

Step 2: Prepare Your Enrolment Documents

With your enrolment form, you will need to submit a number of supporting documents. This includes;

  • ID DocumentsDrivers Licence, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate or Passport 
  • Proof of Previous StudiesCopy of Year 12 Certificate or Certificate Qualification  
  • Academic TranscriptsCopy of your academic transcripts if you’re applying for credit transfers 

If you’ve lost or misplaced your documents, please visit this page to help source new copies. 

Step 3: Apply Online

Once you’ve compiled your enrolment documents, you can complete an online application form and submit your documents here on our website.

Once completed, our Career Advisers and Student Services team will get back to you at your specified interview date/time and begin processing your application.