Simulated Practicals

Gain Practical Experience In a Safe Environment

As a part of studying Health and Community Services at TrainSmart Australia, some units require students to complete practical assessments that simulate a counselling setting.

These assessments gives students opportunities to practice counselling skills and techniques before entering the workplace.

Simulated Practicals provides a safe and controlled environment to build confidence and develop essential counselling skills for future health care professionals.

How it works?

Simulated Practicals simulates a counselling environment through an online Zoom call between an actor and the learner/student.  In these sessions, the actor resembles a real-life client in which an issue or traumatic event is retold from the actor’s perspective.

Based on the assessment criteria, the student is tasked with responding to the client with a focus on utilising skills taught in the unit.

Through the sessions, students can gain valuable practical experience and be prepared to handle complex situations before entering the real-world environment.

Not Just for Counselling Students

We know that Counselling is an incredibly important skill, which is why we implemented Counselling units throughout more courses than just our Diploma of Counselling. TrainSmart Australia students studying Health and Community Services have access to our Simulated Practicals service!

Ready to Start Studying?

If you want to become a Counsellor, a Mental Health Worker or a Community Service Worker, then check out the courses below and get started studying with cutting-edge counselling resources with TrainSmart Australia.

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