Marcus Miller

Health and Community Services Trainer

Marcus displays a real passion for his work, which only becomes more apparent when you join his lectures.

After running a successful business for 15 years, Marcus decided to change direction completely and complete a Bachelor of Psychology. During his studies Marcus adapted his skills to engage in in many student, youth and peer support roles.


Since this time Marcus has joined TrainSmart as a trainer in mental health, where he uses his knack for breaking down complex concepts or tasks into more accessible pieces to assist students in their learning journey.


In his free time, Marcus is a keen music, film, and dumpling enthusiast.


  • Bachelor of Psychology

"I always try hard to instill a sense of empathy into all aspects of my work. What I love most about my role at TrainSmart is that I have the opportunity to help people help others in their community. I am always inspired by my students and the queries they bring up in class, as it shows that they are not just engaging with the course, but are delving deep in all the ways they, as support workers, can make a difference someone's life."

Marcus Miller


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