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Operations Manager

Operations Managers play a pivotal role in any business. They need to have strong management and leadership skills to oversee the operations and compliance procedures of a company. Their main objective is to maximise efficiency within a company, by overseeing the operational activities performed by staff. If you are seeking to play a vital role in your business and increase your value in your related field, today’s blog will show you everything you need to know to become an Operations Manager.

What does an Operations Manager do?

An operations manager is responsible for overseeing all the operations within companies. This involves planning and organising processes of different departments across the company to optimise efficiency. A good operations manager has a positive impact on staff retention as a large part of their job is motivating staff and creating an encouraging work environment and culture. They are also responsible for managing, hiring, and training new employees in the workforce. Ultimately the role of an operations manager is to handle all processes to keep the business running smoothly and effectively.

What does an Operations Manager do?


Common Operations Manager Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Consulting with staff and the management team to maintain organisation and effective team communication
  • Develop strong relationships with employees and managers alike to foster motivation and teamwork.
  • Business administration tasks such as handling organizational processes and managing inventory and collection of data; especially where the production of goods is involved.
  • Work closely with the accounting department to oversee budget spending and revenue growth (ie. accounts payable).
  • Implement business functionality by making process improvements and managing quality assurance programs (ie. Human Resources).


What skills do I need to become an Operations Manager?

  • Strong leadership skills: knowledge of how to motivate staff members toward a common goal, and ability to show initiative
  • Strong communication skills: ability to speak clearly and effectively to other members
  • Ability to delegate tasks and responsibilities amongst members of a team
  • Training in financial data management: knowledge of the financial aspects of a business as well as an understanding of risk management
  • Good organisation and time management skills: able to keep track of operations within a company according to a schedule

What are the types of organisations an Operations Manager Works At?

Operations Managers oversee the operations of a company from many industries, including but not limited to:

  • Financial Businesses
  • Government Agencies
  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • IT centers

Organisations of Operations Manager

How much do Operations Managers Earn?

Average Salary:


Weekly earnings:


Industry Snapshot

Industries Operations Managers work in:

Most operations managers work in various industries categorised as ‘Other’, however popular industries include Public Administration and Safety, Education, and Professional, Scientific and Technical Services.

Average Education Level:

The most popular qualifications completed by Operations Managers/ Chief Operating Officer are a Bachelor’s Degree, Graduate Diploma, or Diploma in Business.

Projected Job Growth in 5 Years:

The number of Operations Managers working in Australia is expected to grow by 7.89% by 2025.

Average Age:


Gender Breakdown:

62% of workers are female

Industry Snapshot


How to become an Operations Manager

Generally, you require a nationally recognised qualification to be employed as an operations manager in Australia. Common qualifications include:

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