Increased demand for IT specialists

How the traditional workplace is changing


More Australians want to work from home an average of two days per week after the COVID-19 pandemic, and as businesses prepare for staff working remotely, one of the issues they’ll have to address is IT security.


A remote workforce comes with dangers as employees rely on their home networks – and sometimes their own devices – to complete tasks. In addition, they are relying on their technical skills to deal with any issues that arise, because they don’t have their own IT specialist at their home office.


Working from home has brought up an interesting issue for computer experts looking to get into a new career – the increasing need for IT specialists. If you’re considering a career in IT but have had doubts, rest assured there has never been a better time to be a qualified and skilled worker in this field!

What does an IT specialist do?

An IT specialist or technician is responsible for the implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of IT systems. Businesses hire IT Specialists to solve technical problems such as computer systems, software, hardware, networks, and cloud platforms. Some IT Specialists work during standard office hours while others work on-call to answer calls 24/7, and sometimes they can use remote access systems to diagnose and fix tech problems or identify system bugs. The majority of workers have a certain level of technical knowledge, but will always rely on an IT Specialist to take over if the problem is out of their league, meaning IT Specialists are always in demand.

Where are the jobs?

Employment and career opportunities for IT Specialists are endless, and demand increases much faster than in other industries. All industries hire IT specialists, but particularly large companies. If you are looking for a stable job with routine hours, working for a large organisation is the way to go. If you want flexibility, you may look for a job within a company that contracts IT specialists or even work for yourself.

Getting the qualifications?

The first step to becoming an IT specialist is to study the Diploma of Information Technology. This course is designed to expose you to a range of essential ICT knowledge and skills. In addition to IT skills, this course also equips you with skills in boosting your professional development, broadening your job prospects, and thrive in your next workplace. You will be exposed to several topics including server visualisation, internet gateways, operating systems, markup language, server testing, virtual machines, IT projects, network access, and more. At the end of your course, you will be qualified to take the next step in your IT career!


To find out more about the Diploma of Information Technology, visit the TrainSmart Australia website.

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