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100% Free! No catch, no hidden fees, only free, quality short courses!

With the new Western Australian Government subsidised short courses, you will be Business Ready in no time!

These Skill Sets are designed to award you a partial short course credential in the form of a Statement of Attainment.  

With TrainSmart Australia’s free skill sets, you have no reason not to become the best business person in WA! 

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Quality Training at TSA

Western Australia needs skilled workers to restrengthen our community following the COVID-19 pandemic. This is why the Department of Training and Workforce Development has released FREE courses – no, you read that right. FREE. And here at TrainSmart Australia, we want to deliver the best quality training we can, so that we can help the people of Western Australia build a strong community.

You will learn through our online blended delivery method. This means that you can study your theory components in the comfort of your own home, and if you need to complete any practical assessments, you can attend our online virtual classrooms via. Zoom. We also allow study days for you to come into our campus and use our facilities to further your education and achieve your maximum potential.

Course Details

Are you passionate about business administration? Or are you currently working in an office and want to improve your skills to make you more qualified for your next promotion?

The Business Ready Skill Set will give you the skills and knowledge that you will need to deliver a wide range of customer services including creating relationships with clients and customers and how to identify their needs, delivering products and services, and process customer feedback. You’ll also learn how to use business technology and produce business documents, follow work health and safety (WHS) and emergency procedures and instructions, and use computer software and organise electronic information and data. 

Completion of this skill set will open up a pathway and provide credit transfers into the following qualifications;

  • Diploma of Business
  • Diploma of Business Administration
  • …and more!

If you are a small business owner, or want to become a small business owner, or even if you’d like to become job ready to work in an administration position in a small business, then this skill set is perfect for you!

This skill set will prepare you for operating a small business in a wide range of industries, whether you plan to work in an administrative role or you are running (or planning to run) your own business. You’ll learn how to: 

  • design and produce business documents publications
  • digitally design and develop text-based documents
  • develop spreadsheets through the use of both cloud-based and non-cloud based applications
  • identify financial requirements of a business including profit targets, cash flow projections and strategies to gather financial support
  • learn social media tools and create campaigns 
  • understand workplace health and safety (WHS) legislation and its application to safe work practices.

Not only that, but the Operating a Small Business Skill Set is 100% free for everyone!

Completion of this skill set will open up a pathway and provide credit transfers into the following qualifications;

  • Diploma of Business
  • Diploma of Business Administration
  • …and more!

Why Study with TSA?

1-on-1 Trainer Support

Whether you are studying online or in person, you will receive amazing support from our experienced and professional trainers.

Self Paced Study

Enjoy studying at your own pace. Our trainers will help guide you to ensure you stay on track, without overloading you with work.

Fully Subsidised

You don’t need to pay a single cent for these government discounted skill set courses!

Study for Free

Lower Fees, Local Skills

TrainSmart Australia are approved to deliver these skills set courses for free through the Department of Training and Workplace Development’s government program, Jobs and Skills WA – Skills Ready.

Am I eligible?

Everyone living in Western Australia is eligible to study the AE150 Operating a Small Business Skill Set for free!

To be eligible for the AE149 Business Ready Skill Set, you must reside in Western Australia and meet;

  • One of the eligibility criteria from Category 1, AND; 
  • One of the eligibility criteria from Category 2.

Category 1

You are an Australian Citizen

You hold a sub-class 309, 444, 785, 790, 820, or 826 visa

You are a partner or dependant of a holder of a temporary Visa sub-class 457

You hold a Bridging Visa E (subclasses 050 and 051) with a valid application for a visa sub-class 785 or 790

Category 2

  • Persons aged 15—24 years at the time of enrolment (excluding school students)
  • Secondary school-aged persons who are not enrolled at school
  • Persons receiving the JobSeeker or JobKeeper payment
  • Persons and dependents of persons receiving the Youth Allowance, AUSTUDY or ABSTUDY
  • Persons and dependents of persons holding:
    • a pensioner concession card or Health Care Card; or
    • Repatriation Health Benefits Card issued by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Persons and dependents of persons who are inmates of a custodial institution

Frequently Asked Questions

TrainSmart Australia has been running since 2005 and has spent the last decade building up the best reputation in Australia for business courses. 

Unlike other colleges, TrainSmart Australia offers high-end support to our students and never leaves a student asking “Can I get some help?”. We’ve had a lot of feedback from our students who have studied with other providers saying that they were left in the dark, but once they came to TrainSmart, they received amazing student support from our skilled trainers.

There are no academic eligibility criteria, only the eligibility criteria listed above!

Both skill sets are 100% free through the Western Australian Government’s subsidy program, Jobs and Skills WA – Skills Ready! So, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you don’t need to pay a cent!

Both skill sets are 12 weeks long. 

Absolutely! These skill sets are clusters of nationally accredited units, which can be used for credit transfers, nation wide!