Gain Access to a World of Opportunities, with a Diploma of Beauty Therapy in Australia

Walk down any commercial strip in Australia, and what do you see? An abundance of hair boutiques, nail salons, massage studios, skin treatment clinics and other businesses that specialise in beauty services.

The beauty industry has never been more dynamic; with exciting new products, trends and techniques emerging every day. As such, demand for beauty professionals is only rising, and you can join thousands of Australians who are turning their passion into a promising beauty career!

Would you love to not just work in the beauty industry, but build a reliable career foundation that offers endless opportunities?

Your future in the Australian beauty sector starts with a Diploma of Beauty Therapy

With adequate training and preparation, there’s no limit to how successful you can be, regardless of your specific aspirations. For example, you might be eager to open up your own fun, lively salon where you get to enjoy yourself while you do what you love every day.

Then again, you might prefer to get involved in the entertainment industry, or secure a position in travel and tourism as a beauty therapist on a cruise. 

Having your own salon or a thriving freelance business means that you can make your own hours, and call the shots on what kind of lifestyle you want. Perhaps you could even go on extended holidays from time to time, while enjoying peace of mind that you’ve left your business in the hands of a trusted employee.

Attain your Diploma of Beauty Therapy in just 12 months, with TrainSmart Australia

At TrainSmart, we offer a comprehensive Diploma of Beauty Therapy that will teach you everything from advanced facial techniques and microdermabrasion to lash and brow treatments; spa and wellness therapies and a whole host of other competencies that will serve you well in your career as a beauty therapist.

Get hands-on training in the practical side of things, working with high quality products from industry-leading brands like Dermalogica, La Clinica and Lycon. Learn the science behind why these therapies are so effective in revitalising the body and mind.

TrainSmart’s beauty trainers boast a wealth of experience in a vast array of the beauty industry’s various sub-sectors; and they will provide you with a clear insight into what it takes to be successful in health and beauty.

Get in touch for more information

TrainSmart’s Diploma of Beauty Therapy course can be studied on-site at our Perth campus or via a blended learning method. For further information on how you can advance your career as a professional beauty therapist today, please don’t hesitate to contact us and a friendly member of our team will be happy to assist.

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If you liked this blog post, you’ll love our courses.

Ready to learn more?

If you liked this blog post, you’ll love our courses.