Funded Courses

The Australian Government is committed to training people to help them reach their full potential and make the most of a wide range of learning opportunities offered in this country.

The Government offers financial incentives to people to undertake training and helps subsidise some courses.

The shifting nature of government policy means the funding and incentives landscape is subject to rapid changes. As a result, TrainSmart Australia recommends that individuals and organisations act now in order to maximise existing opportunities while they abound.

To find out if you are eligible for Government funding, contact TrainSmart Australia today!

State Government Funding

Jobs & Skills WA

Jobs and skills WA provides guaranteed subsidised training places for students enrolled in courses that are deemed state priority qualifications.

As Western Australia’s economy grows and diversifies, the jobs outlook is in constant flux. Jobs and skills WA is a State Government initiative that focuses on training people in courses that address a specific need or demand in the economy.

Full details of priority training areas and subsidised training courses are available on the Jobs and Skills WA website.

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Federal Government Funding

VET Student Loans

Introduced in 2017, VET Student Loans are offered for certain courses and must be paid back once a student is earning a certain amount designated by the government.


Incentives and funding opportunities are generally restricted to Australian citizens, permanent residents or NZ passport holders with more than six (6) months’ residence, though eligibility cannot be guaranteed. The easiest way to explore your options and eligibility is to contact TrainSmart Australia