29 October 2021

Cultural Safety Workshop

by Joe ‘Jopossum’ Collard

Cultural Safety Workshop hosted by TrainSmart Australia

About this event

“As we journey through truth-telling we explore the plight which stirs the emotions of fear, guilt, anger and sorrow. We confront the truth in ways that brings a medicine, a healing rather than carrying the past.” – Joe ‘Jopossum’ Collard

Joe ‘Jopossum’ Collard guides participants to develop an understanding of Aboriginal people and their culture, history and protocols, raising awareness on ways of working together. Cultural protocols are the terms of reference that shows respect and understanding of local community.

This workshop will highlight Aboriginal terms of reference or ways of working; with a person centered approach. This workshop is vital for you and your organisation to support Aboriginal people and their communities in employment, as well as fostering physical, spiritual, social and emotional safety for all Aboriginal people. 

Friday, 29 October 2021

The Platform 

3/256 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, WA 6000