Youth Worker Job Description, Education & Salary

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Youth worker

The role of a youth worker or a youth liaison officer, is an important part of community development and is hence a growingly in demand role . Whether you’re just trying to figure out your own identity as a person, or how life will unfold before us – there are so many pressures that come with being an adolescent in today’s society. The role of a youth worker allows one to really make positive changes in young people’s lives and help direct them on the right path to a bright future. Study a Diploma of Youth Work at TrainSmart Australia and gain a nationally recognised qualification that will allow you job entry into the youth sector.

What does a Youth Support Worker Do? 

A youth worker mentors young adults to assist with their development into adulthood. They often provide emotional support and assistance with particular problems the person is experiencing such as homelessness, formal education, training, job search, mental health issues or disabilities. A youth worker has the practical skills and knowledge to promote the well-being and protection needs of young people. Youth workers may also do work within the community to benefit young people such as hosting recreational programs, community education initiatives etc.

Common Tasks and Duties of a Youth Worker:

  • Consulting with young people, assessing their needs, write reports and providing support with outlined support programs
  • Arrange necessities for clients such as food, shelter, and clothing
  • Assess client’s progress and provide additional help where needed
  • Refer clients to relevant support organisations

What skills do I need to become a Youth Worker?

  • Good active listener
  • Interest in sports or creative activities
  • Active person
  • Ability to be flexible and adapt to what is happening in the moment
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Strong communication skills
  • Seeing the good in people and understanding there is a reason for behaviour

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What are the types of organisations a Youth Worker Works At?

  • Local youth centres
  • Specialized youth organizations
  • Out of home care organizations
  • Mental health organizations focusing on youth or young adults

How much do Youth Workers Earn?

Average Salary:


Weekly earnings:


Industry Snapshot 

Industries Youth Workers works in:

Most youth workers work in Health Care and Social Assistance; Public Administration and Safety; and Education and Training

Average Education Level:

Diploma/Advanced Diploma

Projected Job Growth in 5 Years:


Average Age:


Gender Breakdown:

The youth work sector is female dominant with 59% of workers being female

Job Satisfaction Level:

4.3 Stars

youth group How to become a Youth Worker

Generally, you require a nationally recognised qualification to be employed as a youth worker in Australia. Common qualifications include:

  • Certificate IV in Youth Work
  • Diploma of Youth Work

If you’d like to have an advanced understanding of how to help young people and work as a professional support person, you can study the CHC50413 Diploma of Youth Work with TrainSmart Australia. At TrainSmart Australia we’re passionate about producing quality health and community service professionals, giving our students the confidence and skills to build a fulfilling and prosperous career. We’re a leading provider of nationally recognized training and education, conveniently located in the Perth CBD. We ensure all our students are properly trained and prepared to enter the workforce as exceptional workers. Begin your journey to a new career in youth work now and enrol today!

– Statistics sourced from Job Outlook and PayScale


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