3 Simple steps for online learning success

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At TrainSmart Australia, we aim to help people find meaningful careers through our high quality training and nationally recognised Certificate and Diploma courses. With 5 faculties, more than 30 courses, and a team of over 45 staff, you can study your course online or on-campus with confidence, knowing TrainSmart Australia's team of expert trainers and student support staff will be with you every step of the way.

Okay, so you signed up for your course and your head is still spinning with the endless possibilities on completion. After all that was the main reason you took that leap of faith to study online. Yet there you sit staring at the screen with that chill creeping up the back of your neck, “How am I ever going to get through this?”

Take comfort knowing thousands of other online students share the same anguish daily. Learning is a journey and studying online starts with the first step of gaining the knowledge to get started and achieve your goals successfully. Let me share some insight that will help with that.

MINDSET: Yes, it starts with your thinking. In particular, your readiness to receive new learning with an open mindset. Clarify your goals and motivation. Set a framework for your learning plan that includes expectations, time, and workflow. Focusing on the outcomes and benefits of participation drives both motivation and energy. Preparation is indeed the key to learning success.

MECHANICS:  Here is where you figure out all the ‘How-to stuff’ Setting up a study routine that fits your lifestyle. An organised filing system, study area, your own reference library. Take the time to fully explore the mechanics of how you intend to breeze through your studies, whilst staying highly motivated. Remember, “Motivation only comes from doing what is important to you.” Your job is to know what that is.

MENTORS:A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books.” – Chinese Proverb.

It is true, a mentor will fast track your success. The surest way to achieve anything is to follow the success of someone who has done it. Connect with the people who will inspire, educate and encourage you in your endeavour.

This system, Mindset Mechanics Mentors® has helped thousands achieve what they first thought was impossible, and it will work equally well for your online studies. Consider this your first step on your leaning journey. Enjoy it and have fun!

David Bunney is an International Best Selling Author. His latest book is, “Success Leaves a Trail” – Fast-Track Your Success In 3 Simple Steps. For information about his book and the author, please visit his profile HERE.

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