The changing face of our workplace

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Now most of us who have ever studied history will have heard about the British Industrial Revolution, but do you realise we are now going through another industrial revolution and that our working lives are being shaped by technology and changing dramatically?

The Foundation for Young Australians has just released a report which shows how the world of work is being transformed with automation and globalisation meaning manual jobs such as machine operator roles are being lost with robots being the biggest threat to our job security.

Thousands of new jobs are being created across professional and business services which require greater digital literacy.

As the CEO of the organisation Jan Owen explains “Australia has an ageing population which will result in a shrinking workforce and young people must be given the opportunity to drive the economy forward and learn better digital skills”.

The latest findings show that 60% of students are studying or training for jobs that either won’t exist or will look different in the next 15 years.

This report states that fewer people are working in a traditional office environment and that in just five years most jobs will require far more complex digital skills and that we need to train our children today to be more proficient than just using an iPhone or iPad.

CEO Jan Owen adds “At a time when young people are more likely to be unemployed and who are in debt and less likely to be able to get a foot on the property ladder, it’s important they learn skills to be better equipped for work in the future. We must start thinking differently about how we back young people for the jobs and careers of the future”

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