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Software Developer Job Description, Education and Salary


Software Developer

Almost everything we do online runs off an application or software of some kind. Software Developers are responsible for creating and writing code for these applications which are used within various businesses and industries. Within the next five years, employment for Software Developers is set to rise very strongly, with around 199,800 developers set to be working in 2025.  


What does a Software Developer do? 

Software Developers write code used to program software applications for a variety of businesses and clients. They are primarily responsible for maintaining computer software to suit a client’s various requirements. Software  Developers also test and maintain the code for software programs over time to ensure it stays up to date with technology standards. More Experienced software developers often have appropriate IT skills that can apply to other jobs, such as web development, video game development, or even database development. Software Developers also provide technical assistance to clients to ensure they know how to use the software, through training and end-user documentation.


Common Tasks and Duties of a Software Developer:

  • Writing code used to run and test applications and software used by a client/company
  • Identifying the limitations of technology in existing systems and how they can be improved
  • Update programs over time as well as provide training and documentation in order for others to operate them
  • Keeping up to date with trends within the technology industry
  • Provide assistance with budgeting scope of projects


What skills do I need to become a Software Developer?

  • Critical Thinking/Problem-Solving Skills
  • Strong Programming Skills
  • Able to test code as instructed by the client
  • Great System Analytical Skills
  • Strong Troubleshooting Skills
  • Good Communication Skills/ Works well with others
  • Excellent Time Management 

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What are the types of organisations a Software Developer At?

Network Administrators are more or less vital to a wide variety of industries. You can often find them working with: 

  • Financial Businesses
  • Government Agencies 
  • Educational Centres (i.e. schools, universities)
  • Hospitals 
  • Web Development/ Creative Agencies


How much does a Software Developer Earn?

Average Salary:


Weekly earnings:



Industry Snapshot 

Industries Software Developer works in:

Most Network Administrators work in various industries categorised as ‘Other’, however popular industries include Professional, Scientific and Technical Services; Financial and Insurance Services; and Public Administration and Safety. 

Average Education Level:

The most popular qualifications completed by Network Administrators are a Bachelors/ Postgraduate Degree in Software Programming or VCL Diploma.

Projected Job Growth in 5 Years:


Average Age:


Gender Breakdown:

17% of workers are female

Job Satisfaction Level:

4.0 Stars

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How to become a Software Developer

Generally, you require a nationally recognised qualification to be employed as a Network Administrator in Australia. Common qualifications include:

Diploma of Information Technology

University Pathways

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– Statistics sourced from Job Outlook and PayScale