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At TrainSmart Australia, we aim to help people find meaningful careers through our high quality training and nationally recognised Certificate and Diploma courses. With 5 faculties, more than 30 courses, and a team of over 45 staff, you can study your course online or on-campus with confidence, knowing TrainSmart Australia's team of expert trainers and student support staff will be with you every step of the way.

When you choose to pursue a career in community services, you’re entering a meaningful career where you can make a profound difference to people’s lives on a daily basis.

In today’s fast-paced world of seemingly ever-increasing demands, pressures and stress, people from all walks of life and of all ages are turning to community services for help with coping strategies, welfare, mental and emotional support.

As a community services professional, you’ll be working with these people to get their lives back on track – whether it be through social, housing, or a range of other support services – and making a real difference to your community.


Diploma of Community Services online courses


Your career in community services starts with getting the right qualification.

If you want a nationally-recognised community services qualification, but also want the flexibility to be able to study whenever and wherever it suits you, a CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services online course is a great option.

TrainSmart Australia is a registered training organisation (RTO) that offers a Diploma of Community Services online course that’s fully flexible (participation in mobile workshops is mandatory) as well as quality-assured and nationally-recognised by the Australian Government.

Some of the essential knowledge and skills you need to be a successful community services worker that you’ll acquire during the course include:

  • Establish and confirm the counselling relationship
  • Support counselling clients in decision-making services
  • Analyse impacts of sociological factors on clients in community work and services


Diploma of Community Services government-funded courses


Just as flexibility is important when you’re looking to study for a community services qualification, so too is financial cost.

As well as being a quality-assured provider of nationally-recognised courses in Australia, TrainSmart Australia is also a VET Student Loan-approved training provider.

This means that if you choose to study their online Diploma of Community Services course, provided that you fulfil the eligibility requirements (visit: for more information), you’ll be eligible to receive a VET Student Loan to help fund your studies.

With this loan, you won’t need to worry about paying your tuition fees upfront from your own pocket, and you’ll only need to pay back your student loan once your income is above the compulsory repayment threshold that’s set by the Australian Government each year (see: for more information).


Career opportunities in community services

Once you’ve successfully completed your community services qualification (see also Top community services courses in perth WA), there are a range of career opportunities available to you.

And, with the Australian Government predicting “very strong” future growth for welfare support worker jobs – including community service workers – over the next 5 years (source:, you’ve got an excellent chance of securing the community services job you’re looking for.

So, whether you want to work as a community development officer, case manager, welfare worker, or community educator, getting a nationally-recognised community services qualification will see you well on your way to making a real difference to the lives of individuals within your community, as well as to your community as a whole.

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