Is beauty therapy a good career?

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Beauty therapy is an extremely popular career choice and the industry looks set to grow over the next five years.  The demand for talented, devoted creative individuals to take up beauty positions has never been so strong.  What’s more there’s real job satisfaction from making people feel good about themselves.   So what is it that makes this industry so appealing?

Why do beauty therapists enjoy their jobs? 

Everybody should consider their pastimes, passions and interests when they’re thinking of a suitable career to pursue. If you’ve always been at the front of the queue to do your friends make up for graduation balls or special birthday parties, then you could be a beauty therapist in the making.  Beauty trainer and therapist at TrainSmart Australia Rowena McLeish-Smith says her role gives her job satisfaction every day.

“I am a social person, and love meeting new people from all walks of life.  Everybody has a story to tell.  In this job you always see results, take for example a makeover.  I really enjoy seeing someone’s appearance change with the application of make-up.”

Ellena Frisina, is also a qualified beauty therapist and a trainer who works alongside Rowena.

“I enjoy making people feel far more confident about themselves, if they’re happy with the treatments they receive, then I’m happy knowing that I’ve lifted their spirits.”


Why did you want to become a beauty therapist?

Many people can often remember an event or moment which prompted them to train in a specific career. Beauty therapist Rowena McLeish-Smith explains that her love of make-up and beauty started at an early age.

“My Mum sent both my sister and I to a modelling academy when we were young, about 7 years-old. I loved this, as it encouraged us to make the most of our appearance.  I have always liked Barbie dolls and been a girly girl and so I suppose it was inevitable for me that I’d become a beauty therapist.”

Fellow TrainSmart Australia beauty therapist and trainer Tamara Hunter says her fascination with nails made her drawn to this career.

“I had a passion for nails, gel acrylic, painting them and even though I was a tomboy I loved ensuring my nails looked good.  Funnily enough, once I started the course, I realised that there were other treatments out there which I really enjoyed doing as well.  My favourite is massage, as it’s relaxing, healing and lifts people’s spirits.


What are the best steps to becoming a beauty therapist?

All our beauty therapists agree that it’s best to study and obtain a qualification as it offers real hands on experience.  It’s also a good opportunity to network while you are studying.  Many of the visiting professionals who speak to students have extensive contacts within the beauty industry.  This could be beneficial when you qualify and looking for work. But our beauty therapists have some other tips too.

“Definitely do a course like the Diploma of Beauty Therapy, but also try to get some work experience while you study.  If your interest is make-up, see if you can work on a branded make-up counter at a large department store or in a pharmacist,” says Rowena.

Tamara Hunter says don’t let an opportunity pass you by.

“Remember practise makes perfect, so offer your friends and family some complimentary therapies, try out some massages or a facial scrub.  This will help sharpen your skills and encourage a wider circle of friends, trust me they’ll be only too pleased to help.”

Whichever way you look at it, beauty therapy is definitely a good career choice. You can specialise in different areas, work for yourself or in a salon and connect with customers to forge long lasting relationships.


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