How to choose the right make-up and beauty therapy courses in Perth

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Finding the right beauty therapy and make-up courses in Perth can seem like a daunting task.

There are a lot of training providers out there claiming to be the best – so how do you know which providers actually do offer the best beauty therapy and make-up courses in Perth?

Beauty therapy courses in Perth

So, you’ve decided you want to study beauty therapy. Perhaps you’ve got an interest in the area and just want to delve deeper, or maybe you’ve reached a point where you’re interested enough about beauty therapy to turn it from a hobby into a career.

Either way, choosing the right beauty therapy course can both deepen your knowledge and fast-track your career in beauty therapy.

What’s important to remember when choosing a course is that beauty therapy isn’t all about theory – you also need to have the practical skills to apply what you’ve learnt in a real-life context.

Out of the beauty therapy courses in Perth on offer, what really stands out about TrainSmart Australia’s Diploma of Beauty Therapy course is how it strikes a perfect balance between the theory and the practical skills you need to become a beauty professional.

Thanks to their state-of-the-art professional studio, TrainSmart Australia provides its students with the unique opportunity to apply what they’ve learnt in the classroom practically – in a real-life professional setting.

Some of the topics you’ll cover during the course include:

  • Providing salon services to clients
  • Researching and applying beauty industry information
  • Using reflexology relaxation techniques in beauty treatments
  • Providing facial treatments and skin care recommendations
  • Designing and applying make-up
  • Providing aromatherapy and stone therapy massages
  • Advising on beauty products and services


Make-up courses in Perth

In addition to their Diploma of Beauty Therapy course, TrainSmart Australia offers a Diploma of Screen and Media with a specialisation in make-up services. It’s the perfect course for you if you’re looking to take your skills and creative eye for make-up to the stage and screen.

As a make-up artist for stage and screen, you’ll play a critical role in this exciting industry and use a range of techniques to transform everyday characters into fully-fleshed, three-dimensional characters.

Whether on-set at a filming location or backstage at a theatre, you’ll be involved in conceptualising the appearance of characters right through to physically applying the make-up that’s needed to bring your concepts to life.

It’s one of the most exciting and dynamic make-up courses in Perth, and it covers topics like:

  • Designing, applying and removing make-up
  • Styling hair for performances or productions
  • Designing and applying creative make-up
  • Generating and developing creative make-up concepts
  • Designing and applying special make-up effects
  • Collaborating in the creative process

If you choose make-up as a career, you can gain the invaluable experience, like our students did just recently, working:

# alongside internationally acclaimed special effects make-up artist David Willis (responsible for artwork in Matrix Trilogy and Star Wars) in the monster sculpting workshop
# within the award winning production ‘We will Rock You’ at His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth
# with the UWA Pantomime Society in their latest panto production of ‘Batman & Robin Hood’!

So, whether you’re looking for make-up or beauty therapy courses in Perth (or even both), TrainSmart Australia is an excellent option.

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