Have you got what it takes to be a great leader?

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When there’s a downturn in the economy, employers are on the lookout for staff with strong leadership skills. Have you got what it takes to be a leader? A person becomes a skilled leader because they make important decisions over a period of time and it becomes second nature for them to resolve issues. The most successful leaders are great decision makers and have a natural ability to make crucial snapshot decisions.

Here at TrainSmart Australia we offer online training courses including a Diploma of Leadership and Management, along with an Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management. These two new courses are approved and accredited by industry professionals so you can become a great leader and have that credibility to make management decisions and inspire others.

Here are 15 things that indicate you have the makings of a successful leader

  1. Encourage others to speak up. People feel intimidated by a good leader, but successful leaders deflect attention away from them and encourage others to voice their opinions.
  2. Good decision makers. Successful leaders are expert decision makers. Their mind is focused on ‘making things happen’ at all times.
  3. Communication focused. Leaders who excel in their roles are great communicators reminding their workforce at regular opportunities what their objectives are and what the company is hoping to achieve.
  4. Challenge others.Top leaders are good at stretching their workforce and challenging their teams to grow and learn new things within the organisation.
  5. Pro-active to needs of colleagues. Successful leaders allow their colleagues to manage them which mean leaders are supportive to the wants and needs of others.
  6. Lead by example. Successful leaders practice what they preach and are always aware of their actions
  7. Measure and reward performance. Successful leaders never take consistent performers for granted and are mindful of rewarding others. They are active in acknowledging hard work and efforts.
  8. Provide feedback to staff. A workforce expects a good leader to give constructive criticism and feedback as and when it is required. Employees like to know that leaders are paying attention to them and noticing their achievements.
  9. Properly allocate and deploy talent. Leaders are able to identify their talent pool and how to make use of staff effectively. They know what member of staff can be relied on to undertake certain projects.
  10. Avoid procrastination. No one likes a procrastinator and a successful leader is able to be proficient at problem-solving and tackling issues head on.
  11. Seek counsel. It is easy to think that successful leaders know everything, but they don’t and they are experts in seeking counsel. They have a deep thirst for knowledge and are always on the look-out to learn new things.
  12. Positive and inspiring. Great leaders create a positive and inspiring workplace culture and can motivate the workforce. They are likable, respected and strong willed.
  13. Make good Teachers. Leaders pass on new trends, ideas, and projects which make them great teachers. Successful leaders take the time to mentor their colleagues.
  14. Invest in relationships. Leaders take the time to connect with others and improve their business network. The key is to invest in mutually beneficial relationships.
  15. Enjoy responsibilities. Impressive leaders love their role, not because they like power but because of what they create and achieve. To be able to serve others you genuinely need to enjoy what you do.

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