Ditch the mummy guilt. Working is good for you!

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It’s a debate that has raged on and off for years, should you return to work after having children or should you spend some time-out being a stay at home mum? You may be a mother but that doesn’t mean you’re a terrible parent because you’d like to work and bring in some extra money.

We all have our different opinions, but latest research has shown that officially more of us are going back to work after starting a family than ever before. Just one woman in ten between the ages of 16 and 64 stays at home now because of family commitments’.

Latest studies have shown that the well-being of babies, US-based toddlers and children doesn’t suffer as a result of a woman returning to work. Research carried out by US-based Society for Research in Child Development followed more than 1,000 children aged up to seven tracking their development and family characteristics.

It found that the significant advantages for a mother returning to work far outweighed any negatives. An increase in mothers’ income and well-being and reliable, regular childcare all pointed to a woman feeling more fulfilled and the child remaining content and happy with part time work being the best working pattern for a mother to choose.

Changing attitudes in society, more flexibility in the workplace and fathers becoming more involved in their children’s lives in recent years, have all helped to make it far easier and acceptable for women to have a career.

So if you are at home with children, don’t feel guilty to take those first steps to equip yourself with the right skills and training to enter the world of work.

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