8 Benefits Of Remedial Massage

What are the benefits of remedial massage?

Benefits of remedial massage

Remedial massage is a complimentary therapy that many people turn to for a number of benefits. This form of massage is clinical approach to soft tissue disfunction and damage. It aims to repair damaged areas and soothe pain that is caused by a change in our muscle structure and normal functioning. However, remedial massages are not just for the physically sick, they can be used as an all-purpose therapy to heal your body and mind.

Here are the 8 benefits of remedial massage:

·        Benefit 1: Encourages Blood Circulation

·        Benefit 2: Increases Range of Motion

·        Benefit 3: Releases Tight and Strained Muscles

·        Benefit 4: Treats Health Disorders

·        Benefit 5: Manges Overall Pain

·        Benefit 6: Loosens Tight Muscles

·        Benefit 7: Reduces Stress

·        Benefit 8: Releases Muscle Tension

Benefit 1: Encourages Blood Circulation

Remedial massage aims to stimulate the circulatory system which helps to provide more blood flow to damaged tissue, so it repairs itself faster. This theory has been supported with research showing increased circulation speeds up flushing out toxins from cells which could explain why those who have had a stroke or other severe trauma seem more likely than others to experience relief after just one session!

Benefit 2: Increases Range of Motion

People often turn to a remedial massage therapist to help them increase range of joint motion. When you have what feels like a frozen shoulder, it can be difficult for the affected muscle to relax. This leads your joint into stiffness and pain which makes movement very difficult. Remedial massage helps increase range of motion by working on surrounding muscles that aid in relieving tension from these tight areas while also restoring normal function through increased mobility, all without making any significant changes outside our own bodies.

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Benefit 3: Releases Tight and Strained Muscles

Remedial massage is designed to release tight and overworked muscles. Not only does it help overworked tissue, but it also prevents muscles spasms and promotes tissue regeneration.

Benefit 4: Treats Health Disorders

A wide range of health disorders can be treated with remedial massage. Common physical health disorders treated by remedial massage include bad posture related injuries and pain, athletic injuries, muscle soreness, whiplash, and arthritis. It’s also known to be helpful to people suffering with disorders that are more mental/emotional such as anxiety, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and insomnia. Other disabilities remedial massage can treat include multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and muscular atrophy.

Benefit 5: Manges Overall Pain

When it comes to managing an injury or chronic pain, a little bit of remedial massage goes a long way. It’s been shown that remedial massages works really well to decrease acute injuries and alleviate chronic conditions. Having remedial massages semi regularly from once a fortnight or even once a month can largely help you to manage pain. This is also beneficial for more common muscle pain such as muscle cramps.

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Benefit 6: Loosens Tight Muscles

Trigger point massage is a technique used by a remedial massage therapist to target tight points in the muscle. This technique paired with stretching helps to relieve tension and elongate tightly wound muscles. This is a great way to break down adhesions in the body.

Benefit 7: Reduces Stress

Research shows that remedial massage lowers blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels in the body. The stimulation of muscles causes the brain to release ‘feel good chemicals’ such as serotonin. These ‘happy hormones’ have also been known to reduce insomnia and improve the quality of your sleep. This makes remedial massage the ultimate relaxation technique to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Benefit 8: Releases Muscle Tension

Remedial massage therapy is an excellent way to improve your posture as it relieves muscle tension. It’s often common for people who work at a desk all day to get tight muscles due to improper posture. This can be remedied with a remedial massage.

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