Age Care Facility excursion with Certificate IV in Ageing Support students

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It was an eventful day last week with CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support students paying their first visit to Belmont Age Care Facility. This was TrainSmart’s first excursion for live exposure to Age Care Work in a well-established facility that has been operating since 1970’s.

The students were very excited for their first ever time for practical exposure within the Age Care industry. They were very pleased to find the Clinical Nurse Manager was very supportive, encouraging and welcoming.

Belmont Age Care Facility is a 52 bed, High Care Facility with Hospital level Care, Dementia Care, Palliative and Respite Care provision on site.

The Clinical Nurse Manager was very thorough as he took us on a tour around the entire Facility.

The students had the opportunity to meet and speak with the staff, residents, and some of their families as well. They were also shown some of the equipment used within the industry such as standing hoists, full hoists, wheel chairs, walking frames, gutter frames, showering beds, showering chairs, chair weighing scales, continence aids, autoclaves, sharp disposal units, lifting belts, slings and sliding sheets. The students were also given information on the correct use of this equipment, and its importance in regards to compliance.

The visit also allowed for viewing of the resident rooms, hospital beds, laundry facility, kitchen facility, main lounge area, dining area, activity lounge, family room in conjunction with palliative care room and the physiotherapy area. Students also had an opportunity to watch activities in progress, at the time was a quiz session for the residents, and were shown the locked medication units, nurses station with restricted entry, filing and storage units within the facility. A lot of information was given on other activities that are conducted on premises with the residents by the occupational therapists. The students were encouraged to ask as many questions as they liked.

Overall, the students were imparted comprehensive knowledge of working with in the Aged Care industry, and the job role they are preparing themselves for. This excursion consolidated the theoretical knowledge that the students are getting during their study journey.

The Clinical Manager has confirmed that mid July and August are reserved for TrainSmart Australia students if they were ready for commencing work placement hours. This is a great motivor for the students to work hard towards completing their assessments so they are eligible to commence work placement in the given time frame.

It was a very productive day, and the student feedback has been amazingly positive!!!

They were very impressed with how friendly the environment with in the facility was, and how welcoming the staff was towards TrainSmart students.

This excursion has most definitely been very motivational and inspirational for the students to work hard progressing towards attaining the qualification, and anticipating to work in the Aged Care industry which has a lot to offer!!!

By Vidhu Sharma

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