7 Most Enjoyable Jobs in Australia [Don’t Miss #5]

Most Fun Jobs in Australia

Let’s face it, as a kid you probably thought the most enjoyable jobs in Australia involved being a dancer, a teacher, a police officer/detective, a professional athlete, a firefighter, or a nurse.

While these are all incredible career paths to take, we’re here to burst your bubble and tell you that there are other jobs and industries that are much more fun.

So, what kind of enjoyable, fulfilling, low-stress jobs do people work here in Australia?

Industries That Report the Happiest People

We’ve compiled the data on employee happiness across a range of industries. While these jobs may not be the highest paying roles in Australia – check out our previous blog for the Highest Paying Jobs in Australia for more on that – they are the kind of roles where people can put their passions to work, enjoy what they do, and live a rewarding life.

The three industries in Australia that report the highest number of happy employees are:

1.    Tourism – in roles such as tour guides, cabin crew, accommodation managers, customer service officers, and reservation consultants.

2.    Entertainment – in jobs like modelling, hospitality, musician, radio/TV, and even social media management/influencing

3.    Creative Arts – roles such as photography, interior design, graphic design, copywriting

The best thing about many of these enjoyable jobs in Australia is that it is possible to get into some of them without a degree. Now, where do we sign up?!

7 Most Fun Jobs in Australia


 1. Education Assistant

Earn an Average Salary of $58,825 per year (Fast Track Training Australia) – *based on 7.5 hour working days/38-hour working week

Also commonly referred to as Teacher’s Aides and Teacher’s Assistants, Education Assistants are highly valued members of every school and many classrooms across Australia.

Education assistants have high levels of job satisfaction because their role sees them supporting the growth of Australia’s youth every single day – particularly children who may otherwise be left behind in the classroom.

These workers assist children to read, use technology and reach their full personal potential, helping their students to achieve their dream future careers and enjoy school.

The pay grade of an Education Assistant will depend on what teaching level they are and whether they work with children with special needs or not, as this requires a level of additional job training.

You can become an Education Assistant without a university degree, however, you will need to complete an entry-level qualification in a Certificate III in Education Support (CHC30213) through your trusted training provider to begin your career path.

2. Interior Designer

Earn an Average Salary of $57,264 per year (payscale.com)

Interior designers are responsible for the planning, coordination, and project management related to the styling of the interior space within a building.

With social media and reality TV shows giving more of an insight than ever into the style, décor, and furnishings of homes across the globe, and people spending increasing amounts of time at home, it’s no surprise that people are falling in love with interior design and pursuing this career path for themselves.

The freedom and creativity of interior design make it an exciting, enjoyable job that can transform the look of a building.

A bonus is that technology allows consultations to be undertaken either online and in person, so there is more flexibility around the clients an interior designer can actually work with and the hours they work overall.

While budding interior designers don’t require formal qualifications to work in the industry, it could be worthwhile to study for a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in interior design. A formal qualification can be helpful in developing a strong understanding of the industry, negotiating better salaries or pay, and networking with other interior designers.

Project Management

3. Support Work

Earn an Average Salary of $56,008 per year (payscale.com)

If you are someone that is naturally drawn to helping others to improve their life or become more independent, a career as a support worker might be a great match for you.

Support work is a rewarding, enjoyable, and in-demand role, with each job catered to the individual, ensuring the highest level of care for Australia’s most vulnerable individuals and their families.

This career path sees support workers assisting their clients with duties such as personal care, household tasks, administering medication and simply being a means of emotional support as well.

If you are interested in becoming a support worker, you can undertake the Certificate III in Community Services online through TrainSmart Australia, which will give you the required skills, research, and training to best care for your clients.


4. Outdoor Education Instructor

Earn an Average Salary of $58,648 per year – depending on the type of employment (payscale.com)

If you’re someone that loves the outdoors and has a passion for teaching, then a career in outdoor education might give you the job satisfaction you’re searching for.

Outdoor ed instructors are responsible for getting out in the fresh air and teaching their students or customers a variety of skills.

And you don’t need to study to be a school teacher to work in this field – many schools simply ask for experience in the industry, with the following qualifications and skills helpful:

Working in outdoor ed is a rewarding, enjoyable job because each day provides the freedom to work in the open air, with students or customers who are actually interesting in learning more about Australia’s great outdoors and reaching their full potential.

5. Event Planner

Earn an Average Salary of $58,926 per year (payscale.com)

While the event industry took a bit of a hit during the lockdown stages of the pandemic here in Australia, it is beginning to bounce back – with more and more people returning to ‘normal’ life to celebrate birthdays, engagements, weddings, awards ceremonies, and more.

An event planner is responsible for organising, coordinating, and managing events; they are meticulous in their planning, know how to fix an impending crisis, and have an incredible eye for detail.

What makes event planning such an enjoyable job? Event planners get paid to explore their own creative skillset when organising the layout design, and mood of an event. An effective event planner knows where to source the best furniture and equipment through event hire services. Meanwhile, they must use their time management skills to create enjoyable personal and corporate events for others. There is freedom in choosing how many hours they work, how much they get paid per hour or per event, and the type of events they manage.

And if curating memorable events is a passion of yours, you can become an event planner without a degree! A good place to start is in planning personal parties or events for family and friends to get a feel for the skills, research and stress that can be involved in the industry.

Project Management Course

6. Freelance Photographer

Earn an Average Income of $33.40 per hour (payscale.com)

Who doesn’t want to capture beautiful photos of people, places, events, landscapes or things they love AND get paid for it? The benefit of being a freelance photographer is that there are endless opportunities to meet new people, capture incredible moments and share your talent.

Freelance photographers are in creative control of the types of images they capture their hourly rate or package costs, their schedule, ability to travel, and the overall style of their photographs.

While freelance photographers don’t need a degree to start taking beautiful photos, some training in how to use DLSR cameras and other equipment could be helpful to make a start in the industry.


7. Tour Guide

Earn an Average Income of $25.53 per hour (payscale.com)

Have a passion for knowing the best restaurants, things to do, and places to go? Put your social skills and love for your hometown to good use in a tour guide role.

With the current global pandemic affecting everyone’s ability to travel freely across the world to see new sights, people across Australia are looking to explore their own home towns and state – so there really has never been a better time to get into the tourism industry in Australia.

In fact, many ‘holiday’ towns are calling out for tour guides, hospitality staff and workers to fill the gaps left by seasonal backpackers and overseas tourists, so if you are based in a big city, why not check out what jobs are available in your favourite holiday town?


Tips on Landing A Career You’ll Love

 Do Your Research

With forums, blogs, websites and social media all readily available at your fingertips, it has never been easier to get a clear idea of the job descriptions, average pay, expected growth, required training, job security, and overall job satisfaction of a potential career path.

Invest some time in researching a number of jobs and industries online – future you will thank you.

Study a Short Course

While many of the enjoyable jobs above don’t require a university degree, extra study and short course training can benefit both your personal growth and your future employability.

A short course is a great way to learn new skills that can benefit a variety of jobs. Whether you’re looking to get into the corporate world, starting your own business or just upskilling, there is a range of nationally recognised courses and qualifications you can study via short courses.

Through TrainSmart Australia, you can study the Operating A Small Business Skill Set online short course, designed to give you a strong foundation for business management and being your own boss – perfect if you want to become a freelance photographer, event planner or interior designer.

Find In-Demand Industries

While trends might come and go, some industries are more likely to have a high demand for staff in the future. Jobs as support workers and education assistants are likely to continue to grow as more young people enter the schooling system.

Jobs that can be done online are also more likely to be in-demand, especially with the unprecedented world we are living in today.

Find a Future Job You’ll Love with TrainSmart Australia

Salary, stress, and job security all play a role into your satisfaction level within your job, so it is important to consider all these factors before diving into any new role.

At TrainSmart Australia, you can study a range of courses across a number of high-growth and in-demand industries, providing you with top quality training, education, and support to get you started in a career you love.

To find out more about what makes TrainSmart Australia a leading education provider, visit the TrainSmart Australia website today.

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